Millimeter-Wave Passive Circuits

Interconnects, Resonators, Filters, Antennas

Research Topic Millimeter-Wave Passive Circuits

Systems operating with millimeter-waves (30 GHz – 300 GHz) see an increased attention due to the specific and unique characteristics of electromagnetic waves at these frequencies. Communication (mostly wireless and optical) and sensing (radar and vision) technologies enabled by millimeter-wave circuits benefit from large absolute bandwidth and short wavelength, leading to extremely high data rate and high spatial resolution. Practical realization, however, has to deal with precise manufacture, inefficient signal generation and amplification, as well as rather high attenuation of both guided and free-space propagating waves. Research in millimeter-wave passive components addresses the challenges of realization of low-loss components using feasible (that is, cost-effective) manufacture techniques.

The research of the Institute of Radio Frequency Technology in this area leads, among others, to innovative interconnects between integrated circuits and dielectric waveguide, to on-chip resonators of extremely high quality factor and filters made thereof, to simple yet efficient surface-mount antennas.

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